McCarthys....not exactly the real McCoy

So finally saw the pilot to McCarthys.  And um, yeah, it looks pretty banal.  Not *quite* so full of exaggerated cliches as Mike Schmidt of the 40-year-old-boy podcast had predicted it would be--multiple sets of Irish-twins in claddagh rings sitting around a football game chewing on potatoes.  (Schmidt also pointed out that the name 'McCarthys' had just the Mc in green, and the rest in black--suggesting that it's a show about Micks.  Someone must have tipped the show's creator Brian Gallivan off to this, as the name was changed to entirely one color before the pilot aired.)

It looks like McCarthys will basically be a show that recounts an Irish Catholic Boston family keepin' on keepin' on.  Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block is one of the brothers.  He's looking as cute as ever, too.

This show received a LOT of positive feedback on Twitter immediately after the pilot aired--in this vein;

WHAT were they TALKING about?  It's your basic sitcom forumla, just not funny.  Kind of reminds me of Everybody Loves Raymond, in that it's also really bad.  Full of totally fake situations, fake conversations that would never ever take place--for example the the dad interrupting the funeral service to make a speech, and everyone listening as though he's behaving appropriately (um, yeah, in real life if someone stood in front of the casket and made a random speech to the funeral attendees, mid-service, he's probably get some police calls for being totally crackers); the party where one brother literally introduces his guest by saying "Here's Tracy, she's a lesbian"  C'mon.  At least make an effort at making dialogue sounds genuine.

The pilot kind of glorified the Irish thing, and the Boston thing, and beat down the Catholic thing.  There will be a lot of gay discussion in this show as one of the brothers is gay.  One overt statement was a party guest who said that "the Catholic church says that it's ok for me to have gay impulses, but it's not ok for me to act on them."  Ok, so some confusion in the premise; this is a show that glorifies Boston-Irish-Catholics, but beats down and denigrates the Catholic part of the equation.  Not a solid foundation.

So yeah, another tired sitcom has entered the television stratosphere.  I predict it won't last a season.  But who knows.  There might just be enough people out there with bad taste to make it a go.

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