Wordy Wednesday October 8th

This week I listened to a few more of Pauly Shore's podcast Interested, and I liked it a lot more.  His podcast (I finally figured it out, it was a bit confusing at first) is an interview and then commentary on the interview with another person.  He goes back and forth between the interview and the commentary.  Must be a lot of work for the producer.

He interviews Arsenio Hall and the commentary-interview is with Paul Rodriguez.  Shore is way more in his element when discussing comedy as opposed to politics.  This was a cool interview since Hall is similar to Shore for me in that I saw a lot of him in the early 90s, and then he totally dropped of the plant.  As it turns out he retired from comedy to raise his son.  Which is so endearing.

In an earlier podcast Shore interviews Andy Dick, and the commentary is with his son, Lucas Dick.  Andy is pretty trashed during this interview, and I think that Shore found this terribly amusing and made the most of it.  By most of it, I mean in part drawing graphic, explicit sexual details from Dick's life out of him and sharing it on the podcast.  And then at the end he basically twisted Lucas's arm into saying on the podcast that he loved his dad.

Shore *might* be trying to hard to create something poignant or over-the-top explicit.  Kind of curious about the future of this podcast.  He's only had four podcasts so far (how did I find this podcast?  He must be aggressively promoting it.)

Which brings me to one of the annoyances of Pauly Shore and his podcast; he kind of strikes me as someone who's not terribly talented or bright but who's related to someone who was, and that's how he got his breaks.  I mean, this guy doesn't even know who Bobby Jindal is yet claims to have some weighty political opinions.  And somehow he has access to 'high-ranking' people.  For example he's interviewing Grover Norquist in November.  Would Norquist waste his time with some dummy if he wasn't a semi-famous (B/C-list) movie star who's the son of Mitzi Shore?  Probably not.

He's also kind of annoying as an interviewer; he'll constantly modify the question if he isn't getting the right answer out of the person he's interviewing.

Vell, anyway....it's kind of curious to hear from Shore again, honestly I hadn't given him much thought since Son in Law ('93).  Which I liked, and I liked him in it.

And I think that's about it for the week.  Geez, what have I been up to?  

post script; just listened to yet another of P.S's podcast; and now I can officially say that it's dreck.  Abysmal.  This is the interview with his father; he asks his father repeatedly to talk about all of the vagina that he got during his glory days (even after his father evaded the question, and told him it was an inappropriate question).  He additionally made the wince-inducing comment that his father "didn't do the right thing and abort his oldest son" (he instead married the mother).  Wow, I've really sunk to the depths of podcasting here.  Oh, even the sub-interviewee told P.S. several times that he knew nothing.

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