Wordy Wednesday

This week I watched "Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago."  This was SUCH a good documentary!  So happy to have taken the time out to watch it this week.  The documentary followed six pilgrims as they trekked the 500 miles from France to the legendary burial grounds of St. James in Spain.  After watching this documentary I saw that this pilgrimage is one of the ways in which (and these can be hard to find) I feel happy/proud to be party to Catholicism.

Although it's a Catholic pilgrimage, it appears as though only one of the pilgrims was Catholic.  Many of the others were 'spiritual people'/seekers.  I just loved how so many non-Catholics felt called to participate in this pilgrimage, and found their stories to be a real breath of fresh air.

I liked the lady from Brazil who does away with all of her medication and uses the walking to overcome depression.  I've found exercize and more 'natural' remedies, such as trying new things, as effective ways to overcome depression and depressive tendencies.  Her whole state in life was so interesting; how she'd left everything in her life behind her, and she had no idea what lay ahead.

She talks several times about how she can't blow dry her hair and put on make-up; and one person commented that during the pilgrimage you put away the mask and transform into yourself.  I've heard contemplative prayer described similarly; it's becoming who you are when you've set aside your ego; who you are after you let go of who you think that you are.  (Assuming that you identify yourself with things like a profession, an economic way of life, etc.)

I noticed a common theme of the pilgrims needing less as they went along.  Some shipped things back home, paring down what they needed to the bare essentials.  One priest said something along the lines of 'the less you need the more you have to give'.  hmmmm.......

The pilgrims demonstrate growth as they went along; I liked how at the beginning the lady from L.A. is talking about competition (who's a faster walker than her) and she's forced to take several days off due to tendonitis.  Then at the end of her pilgrimage she's talking about the beauty of a raindrop on a blade of grass.  She also mentions on her 2nd to last day of the pilgrimage that she hadn't let herself think about getting to Santiago since she didn't know if she would; and living in the present moment can be a form of prayer (and a difficult one).  She also has a great line; "a bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul."

Wow, this was a good documentary.  May have to see this one again.  


I found Anna Kendrick a little hard to stomach on a recent episode of WTF where she actually admitted to throwing away diamond earrings she'd received as b-day presents (on the gounds that they were from a creepy stalker and so she couldn't wear them and they'd be tacky to re-gift)  Sure, wearing or re-gifting them seems unreasonable....but to throw them away?  Why not pawn them, or sell on ebay?  She sounds sickeningly decadent, totally out of touch with 'the common man, the people in despair' lol.  But no, seriously, she does.

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