Antifragile: Things that Gain From Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Not going to write too much about this book.....except to say that the tone is extremely off-putting.  Had I not been reading it for a book group I would not have bothered to finish it, the author came across as so angry and arrogant.

Additionally, at the end of the book he proves himself a true contrarian when he refutes the medical establishment as well as naturopathic medicine, disagrees with all 'modern' forms of food--including oranges (he only eats foods that are 1000 years old), disagrees with advertising--if a product is good, say like a fig, he argues, it will sell itself; plus it's bad manners to brag about your products.  He disagrees with diets, even seeming to argue that decreasing the amount of calories that you eat won't result in losing weight (!?!), and such.

He does make one really interesting point, however, towards the end of the book; if you have to think of more than one reason to do something, not to do it.  Arguing that if you have to persuade yourself then what you're doing isn't worth it.  That may be a valid point.

Well, like I said, gonna cut this one short.

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