Wordy Wednesday

Just a quickie today........did you listen to this interview between Marc Maron and Robin Williams?  His death this week was quite tragic, and Maron has re-released this interview from 2010.  Williams makes some interesting comments about himself in the interview; including on his desperate need for attention.

And yesterday I watched "Guardians of the Galaxy."  Kind of a stretch for me in terms of genre, but I'm trying to branch out and plus it's received so many positive reviews I felt like I 'had' to see it.  The music in this movie was GREAT, lots of fun 70s hits.  And making Chris Pratt the star was a good move; you can watch him in this video here in a much smaller role in MoneyBall.

Just today I discovered this podcast.  Really cool concept!  Just the title seems to 'say it all'...."Respect the Process."  I've only listened to one episode, but sounds like it's about people taking their own steps and initiative towards establishing careers for themselves; particularly creative careers.  Gonna have to spend some more time with this one.

vell, with that.....adieu!

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