Wordy Wednesday

ah, geez, another week.  Last night I watched Thomas Crown Affair for the first time.......love, love it's theme song, "Windmills of your Mind".

Also watched the 1947 "Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  Wow.  Those were the days.  The violence in this movie couldn't hold a candle to what we see now.  A violent scene generally entailed someone pulling a knife, and then it's over.  A few weeks ago I also watched the first eipsode of "Remington Steel" (1980ish), and had a similar impression.  Compare this to "Luther" (2012ish), which is almost sickeningly over the top in its violence!  

Heard some good quotes from podcasters this week;

Linda Holmes said something very interesting at the Comic-Con Podcast for Pop Culture Happy Hour; "The people who love things the most are often the people who want them to do things differently; an important contradiction to keep in your head as you read criticism...true enthusiasm has great element of love and great element of striving for things to be better and smarter."  She said this in reference P.D. James and her embellishment of Pride and Prejudice in her book; "Death Comes to Pemberly."

Comedian Graham Elwood said something interesting in Comedy Film Nerds this week.  He's speaking in reference to the doctor in the documentary "Alive Inside", who encountered roadblocks when he availed Congress to change the treatment of Alzheimer's patients, and then resorted to his own do-it-yourself solution.  "The solution (the doctor) finds (in overcoming roadblocks) lines up with everything that we're doing with podcasting and this new medium.....we're just circumventing the status quo, be it show business, be it politics, be it the medical community, that's telling you 'no, this is how it's done'  Now, in this do-it-yourself digital area it's like, 'ok, I walk around you, man.  water goes around a stone, dude.  so good luck."  Good quote huh?

George Takei gave an interesting insiders description of the Japanese Internment during WWII.  Now isn't it on the books that an internment could take place again?  Some people showing up at our house with bayonets and taking us away?  Geez.

ah well.  think that's about it.  got a lot of sun this week.  still in a daze of sorts.

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