Wordy Wednesday August 27th

I binge-watched the first season of The Killing this week.  This show pulls off the amazing feat of starting out decent and then degenerating into being so-bad-that-its-good, keeping me entertained the entire time!  After about the 18th plot twist I found myself laughing heartily through the episode.  

k, so I just have to share some of the pricelessly cheesy dialogue;

"I told you dad, I'm doing this my way dad."
"Your way.  Is that what you call.....sleeping with your candidate?"

"Politics is war.  You gonna step in the ring, you better like the taste of blood."

One scene, where daddy Larson goes to his Polish mob-king to ask for money genuinely feels like the opening wedding scene in GodFather; "You don't treat me with respect etc. etc. and now you ask me for favors."

The show has too much pouring rain.  It rarely rains that hard in Seattle.

This show brought to mind the Pamela Smart trial; now an HBO documentary; and this idea that the media will choose a suspect in a murder case and defame them, essentially convicting the person in the public eye---and then making it very difficult for the jury to make a subjective decision.


I watched the Little Women this week....the one with Catherine Hepburn as Jo from 1933.  This story so wholesome, with such nice scenes--the scene where Beth thanks Laurie's grandfather for the piano then she curls into his lap.

A part of me thought that Katherine Hepburn maybe is too pretty to play the role of Jo.  Why couldn't Jo marry Laurie?  And what about that character marrying at all....where did I read that LMA didn't want to have her marry, was pressured into it?

Singleism was prevalent back in 1933; here's a conversation between Meg and Jo, at the point when Meg is married with twins and Jo is still single;
Meg, "I have so much, and you seem so alone."
Jo, "You're right, I am lonely."

It also struck me how SIMPLE wedding was between Laurie and Amy.....they fell in love in Europe and had a quiet wedding over there before returning to the US.  Do these kinds of weddings happen anymore?


Um, yeah there's just so many interesting people out there......discovered two of them this week during the painful process of listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (that host is so banal)

Tim Gunn - the fashion guru; read a quote from him that he's 'perfectly fulfilled as a celibate'.  He had such a tragic childhood, trying to kill himself with sleeping pills....and what a bright future he had in front of him!

Apollo Robbins - the 'professional' pickpocket....he's got some great vidoes; here and here, for example.


Also watched The Chris Farley SNL special....woah, so good.  Realizing again what a loss it was that he died so young.

The Chippendales skit....was it too self-depreicating?  Here's what Chris Rock says about it;

"'Chippendales' was a weird sketch. I always hated it...The joke of it is, basically, 'We can't hire you because you're fat.' There's no comic twist to it. It's just [bleep]ing mean. Chris wanted so much to be liked. As funny as that sketch was...it's one of the things that killed him."

Interesting to see that Rock and Farley both started at SNL in the same year---and Rock's gone on to uuber-fame--I wonder if Farley had lived where he'd be today.


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