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Have Joan Rivers on the mind this evening.....it'd be such a loss to lose her!  Have you seen her auto-biographical documentary "A Piece of Work"?  She just blew me away in there....how hard she works on her jokes, with the index-file cabinets all FULL of jokes; she even has a category for Tony Danza jokes, they are that specific!

Here's a little sampling of some of her videos; here's a more recent one of here dealing with a heckler; man she really lays into him!  And this of her in the 60s on The Ed Sullivan Show; she's so CUTE when she was younger!  She says in her documentary that no one ever called her beautiful and I find that hard to believe.

And this final interview with Bob Monkhouse in 1983; I'm so impressed with comedians who can crank out joke after joke.  And it's just awesome to see a woman doing this.

Her life really isn't for the faint of heart; what with her husband's suicide, leaving herself and her daughter in financial shambles; her separation from Johnny Carson, the failure of her own talk show.....yet she pressed on!

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