Wordy Wednesday July 9th

Finished watching the first season of Luther.  The characters & plot twists in this show are great.    A central theme; something about the difference between right and wrong and good and evil.  Is Luther evil even though he's broken all of the rules?   We're supposed to think not.  And what about that chic who murdered her parents; are we on her side?  These television shows are so manipulative, telling us how we have to think about characters and behaviors.  Stop telling me how I have to think goddamnit!  But no, outside of the grotesque violence (which is the reason I'm debating whether or not to watch the 2nd season), it's a gripping show.

Listened to Marc Marons 500th episode yesterday, all 103 minutes of it.  He calls his dad and apologizes in this episode.  It was so sweet.
 It felt almost vouyeristic, to be honest, but still to hear this grown man (Marc's dad) almost in tears.......awww.  Wow, 500 episodes.  I have such poignant memories of discovering this podcast...jogging and listening to interviews with people like Carl Labove....can honestly say that episode changed my life.  He interviewed some interesting people back in the beginning there...Maria Bamford, Jeff Ross (first interview....oh, wait, I heard that one....where Maron steals the stevia from Whole Foods...I think about that episode a lot actually whenever I have to stand in a grocery line that looks like it was created for cattle), Jim Gaffigan...maybe I'll have to purchase some of these.  Marc is identifiable I guess because he hasn't had a charmed career.  Definitely recommend watching this video of him just one month before his break-through with WTF.  I just love watching him be so Marky' in this video, tweeting throughout, and also knowing (from what he's said on WTF) that at that point in his life he was bankrupt, recently divorced, and suicidal--and little did he know that he had a bright future just over the horizon!

I discovered a similarly heartwarmingly story this week; heard this song "Help Yourself" in a coffeeshop and recognized it immediately from the movie Up in The Air.  Went home to listen to it some more, and then decided to look up the artist, Sad Brad Smith, assuming he'd be reasonably famous, etc.  Doesn't even have a wikipedia page.  Found this artcle, however, and a few others I learned that this was a break-out song for him, that he'd been fired from his job as a barista just before it was picked to be in the movie, and he was on the brink of homelessness.  Now he can pay for his daily meals & has another album out.

Amanda Hess.  The yes every woman thing.  dunno.  Found Elliot's story kind of heartbreaking in addition to being tragic.  Undoubtedly he'd lost his mind over his sexual rejection.  Brought to mind a comment I'd read on a blog from a man who's in his 50s and has never had sex or ever kissed a woman at all; about his virginity he says "you have no idea how alone and stigmatized that makes me feel."  This comment made me wonder if in our hyper-sexed world, where its almost implicit that by the age of 25 a person will have had 7ish sexual partners, people who can't achieve this (especially men) feel an isolation that boarders on mental illness.  Anyway, just some thoughts.

Also listened to infowars a few times....not Alex Jones, he's got some other dude on there who likes to talk and talk and talk and talk.  Can't tell how much of that I ought to be listening to.  What is coming down the pike in this country?  Sheesh.

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