Wordy Wednesday June 25th

A few days back Marc Maron interviews Josh Grobin in his 507th episode of WTF.  Why did I find Grobin so likeable in this interview, and not at all grating in the way so many "I-achieved-success-at-a-young-age-and-rather-easily-at-that" stars can be?  I discovered Grobin about a year ago on Twitter (@joshgroban) and initially thought he was a comedian, his tweets were so funny.

I also watched the 2004 Duplass Brothers movie "The Puffy Chair" and it blew me away.  So, so funny.  The peaceful, loving character/actor Rhett Wilkins really made the movie for me; when we meet him he's videotaping a gecko on a bush in his apartment complex.
 Watched it again in the 'directors-cut' version.  They Duplass Brothers seem pretty like pretty cool guys.  Maron also interviewed one of the Duplass brothers about two years ago; the younger one I think.  I remember Duplass saying something along the lines that even with the success of 'The Puffy Chair' he still felt depressed and unhappy.  

In The Monti Podcast this past week, Rachel Hazlett talks about post-abortion healing.  Kind of a neo-pagan perspective, but interesting to hear, once again, that women really do suffer from abortions, and need healing.  It's a silent wound that women bear in silence, she points out, since in our culture we don't acknowledge abortion as being traumatic.

Binge watching the Bourne movies.  How did I miss these?  Omg, they are so good.

Came across this interview from 1986 of Joan Rivers on Johnny Carson.  It was so sad to hear Johnny read the dedication in her then-new book Enter Talking--"To Edgar my husband who made this book happen and to Johnny Carson who made it all happen"-- knowing that within the next two years her husband would kill himself and Johnny would cut himself out of her life entirely.  She really had some trials coming down the pike for her!

Finally watched Caddyshack all the way through.  One of my childhood memories is my father telling me about the BabyRuth-in-the-pool scene from that movie; however the movie always bored me.  It's received so much praise, however, that I felt like it deserved a sit-through, and I actually liked it this time. Read a great article by Stephen Tobolowsky in Slate from February after Harold Ramis' untimely death.  Especially liked this quote that Ramis told Stephen during the filming of Groundhog Day;

You know, Stephen, it's impossible to become a professional actor.  It's too hard for anyone to do it on their own.  Everyone who has made it has had at least four heroes that helped them.  They come from nowhere.  They come when you least expect them.  But they are there.  

Outside of the 'least expect them' part, which sounds like a cliche, this is a pretty good quote.  Obviously only Tobolovsky's memory of the statement, but guess you need to take it for what it is worth.  I think that the saying goes for artists in any medium.

Terry Gross interviewed John Oliver on Fresh Air about his new show "Last Week Tonight".  Terry wonders if he's alienating himself from the people he ridicules; for example, his joke along the lines that few things are more boring than the statement "featuring Sting"; and Oliver responds,
a comedian is supposed to be an outsider....I don't want to be at parties in DC with politicians.  That's what so concerning when you see journalists so comfortable around politicians.  That's a red flag.  

hmmm......reminded me immediately a photo in Vanity Fair's July issue of Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich at a fancy DC party.  I was sorry to hear also that he and Andy Zaltzman will be taking a break from The Bugle Podcast.  Guess that Oliver is moving onward and upward with his new show.

Twitter has been giving me some great article leads.  A few days ago I came across this tweet
Rarely have I had such a visceral reaction to an article.  I don't even know where to begin.  She's frighteningly deluded about true nature of 9-11, despite overt evidence that the attack was carried out by rogue US military.  And referring to Afghanis as 'barbarians'....is this woman for real?

In respect to her claim that using WMD on the Japanese benefitted us, I love the quote by James W. Douglass from JFK and the Unspeakable

We US citizens supported our government when it destroyed whole cities (Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki), when it protected our Cold War security by world-destructive weapons, and when it carried out the covert murders of foreign leaders with "plausible deniability" in a way that was obvious to critical observers.  By avoiding our responsibility for the escalating crimes of state done for our security, we who failed to confront the Unspeakable opened the door to JFK's assasination and its cover-up.

In other words, we, as a nation, will reap what we sow.  In no way did bombings in Japan make our country more peaceful--quite the contrary.

Coulter is almost as bad as Maureen Dowd.  Intelligent and humane people need more representation in the public discourse.  It was interesting to read this article, however, as an example of the mentality of US citizens right after 9-11.  I almost want to go back and read a cross section of articles, from a variety of perspectives.  

...and another tweet
.....that led me to another deluded invidivual.  My favorite quote from Donald Trump's Article; "my name is known and respected worldwide."

On Buzzsaw Sean Stone interviewed Dennis Speed, a political organizer who worked for the Larouche Activism Committee.  Speed is a real talker.  Probably the biggest point he made is that the American Citizen doesn't just have the opportunity to fix his or her corrupt government; he/she in fact has the obligation to do so; "Whenever any Form of Government becomes destrictive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government."  Stone asks a question he's asked in previous interviews; can reform take place within the current system, or would it necessitate a revolution?  Speed doesn't give a definite answer.  Stone doesn't mince words in this interview, stateing at one point that we have the leadership we deserve, with "A joker in the White House playing basketball."

That pretty much brings me up to today.  Off to listen to some more podcasts  ;)

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