The Social Network or Movies that Hold Up Part Deux

Just sat down and watched another gripping 'network' movie; "The Social Network".  This movie ALSO holds up; it's the 2nd or 3rd time I've seen it.  Wanted to watch it again mostly b/c I realized from watching "Now You See Me" how much I like Jesse Eisenburg.

 I think that Mark Zuckerbug was a great role for him ~  a quick talking, quick-thinking smart ass.

I wonder how much drama was fueled into 'the social network' and how much of it was for real?  For real those two lawsuits took place, but then since The Winkelvoss Twins and Saverin signed non-disclosure agreements I guess that we will never know all the gory/juicy details.  Except that I maybe need to re-read that Vanity Fair interview with Winklevoss twins from awhile back, yeah they may have spilled some interesting tidbits in there.

Oh, and btw, if those guys are bitter about what Zuckerbug did to them, I think they need a big smack in the head with a frying pan; since walking away with $65 million (as stated at the end of 'The Social Network") is a pretty sweet dealio.  I wouldn't mind getting screwed over by someone and getting $65 million as my consolation prize.  Please, someone out there, screw me over in such a way that I can sue you and get $65 million!  PLEASE!!!!!

No, but really what I'm trying to say, or wanting to ask, is what, for a person with my low-attention span for movies, made Social Network so watchable?  Because I watched it with minimal interruption (checking twitter, e-mail, FB etc.)  Was it Eisenburg's acting, Sorkins' writing, or the story itself?

Dunno, but for whatever reason the movie fascinated me and I may in fact even watch it again.

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