Why You Should Stay In Rather than See Mom's Night Out

I recently had the painful experience of watching "Mom's Night Out."  Still not quite sure exactly how I ended up at this pre-screening, except that a friend of a friend got tickets from an unknown source, and I made the mistake of accepting the invitation before watching the trailer.....so yeah, I would have walked out after 4 minutes, but since I couldn't abandon my friend, I instead walked the bathroom, puked, then braced myself and walked back into the theater.

The movie set out to be a wholesome take on mommies doing their best to be good mommies; it even includes the line "the hand that rocks the cradle is the ruler of the world"  Ah geez.  It has a very upbeat pro-family, pro-marriage message, which is great; the executive producers introduce themselves at the beginning as a couple who's been at it for 22 years now, etc. etc.  And the movie has a thinly veiled Christian theme; some of the paraphernalia we were given had Bible quotes, and the leader 'blessed us' all when he left .

The huge problem that I had with the movie were the characters, or maybe I should just refer to them as caricatures.  The central 3 or 4 mommies looking for a night out are church-loving, God fearing upper-middle class Caucasians who throughout the movie get juxtaposed with motorcycle-riding, tatoo-ridden, god-forsaken men.  Not only do I find these sterotypes boring and banal, it makes me furious to see that, once again, these wholsome women have claimed exclusive rights to Jesus; they are the gate-keepers within church communities, seeing to it that they are welcome within their community, but that people who are not like them (for example, people who are not upper-middle class married Caucasian women, but who wear tatoos, are single, on a different economic bracket, ride motorcycles, etc etc.) are cast out as god-forsaken pariahs.

(Where, btw, in the Bible does it say that having a tatoo is essentially the gateway to hell?)

Perhaps becuase I've seen versions of this dynamic played out over and over again in real time, it really infuriated me to see they same dynamic in the movies.

But no, I need to point out that the theater was full of these kinds of women; and that some of the immediate feedback after the theater was how 'hilarious' and 'true-to-life' this movie really was.  Which leads me to recommend this movie to anyone who is a Church-attending, Jesus-loving, middle class Caucasian mommy.  You really might enjoy it.

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