Buzzsaw from LipTV

I was broken hearted tonight to discover that the Alternative News Program Buzzsaw has come to an end.  It's hosted by Tyrel Ventura, Tabatha Wallace, and Sean Stone, and in its rather meager stint has  had 113 episodes.  It started last year just after the Boston Marathon Bombing, and since then has provided some of the best interviews I've seen ever, anywhere, hands down.  Some of those that most stand out were the JFK interviews with Roger Stone and James DiEugenio, Abby Martin, Professor Griff of Public Enemy discussing the Illuminati, John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", Chris Hedges, Oliver Stone, Marianne Williamson, investigative journalists, and hypnotists.   Woah, such good material; discussing subjects such as the use of hypnosis within the Obama administration, the Illuminiati, the rolling out of martial law within the US, and the New World Order.  Sean Stone has such a moderate and reasonable approach to these issues, and I was constantly blown away by the depth of his knowledge on a variety of subjects.
I could cry.
Let's hope they will be back.

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