Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Trying to decide if I want to write about Alec Baldwin or "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  Maybe I'll just try to cover both topics in one blog post.
"Walter Mitty" wasn't a bad movie.  Just saw it last night.  Maybe it wasn't a great movie, but it certainly wasn't deserving of all of those mediocre reviews that it received.  Probably the most endearing aspect of this movie was the characters; the main character Walter Mitty was a bit of a recluse, a dreamer, yet an all-around sweet and honest guy.  His penchant for elaborate daydreams, (which is the only aspect of this movie that relates it to the Thurber short story by the same name) wishing that he was so much more fascinating that he actually was, made him relatable.  And his crush Cheryl Melhoff, played by Kristin Wiig, was similarly sweet, cute, nice and funny.  Mitty's sister was loveably eccentric, and the e-Harmony guy, who we finally get to meet at the end of the movie, was teddy-bear likable, and didn't seem the least bit offended that Mitty had hung up on him mid-sentence two or three times during the movie.  (The new boss at Life Magazine, however, was a bit of an aberration in that he was an exaggerated and unbelievable dick.)  
The promotion of Papa John's was a bit overt, even being built into the dialogue; Mitty started working at Papa John's immediately after his father passed away; and it seemed unlikely that Wiig would have been asking Mitty questions about Papa Johns while he was vacationing in Iceland.
Speaking of Iceland, Greenland, and the Himilayas, the topography and scenery in the film was 2nd best quality; although the story takes Mitty to all of these places, the filming in fact to place only in Iceland.

The plot was a bit outlandish; Mitty was driven to search all over the world for the photographer who had the all-important negative that would be used for the final Life Magazine cover, and thus save Mitty from losing his job.  However, in the process of his adventures, Mitty starts to flesh out the adventures inside his head into reality, creating some memorable scenes; including Mitty swimming in shark-infested waters and a skateboarding down a highway in Iceland.  
But the characters and scenery seemed to keep the story going; including a great scene where Wigg plays "Ground Control to Major Tom" as Mitty climbs aboard a helicopter.

Yeah, I'm glad that I saw it.  Think that I really like Ben Stiller.
Oh, and spoiler alert; he does get the girl in the end.

Alec?  Oh, yeah Alec.  Gonna save that for another day.